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Photo of his killed friend 2007-2011

Shadowfan68 Is over here somewhere but of course Kylebomb46 is his arch nemisis!


Soilder: Vortex leader.


Nub: Kylebomb46.

Super recruit: (Mariofan68 Before dead)

Real trooper: SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX (again for some reasson)

He is the goodest soilder in ROBLOX FEAR's battles but stands through most thanks to his partner: Dewa67.

Someday he grew up to be a good soilder.

It's War:

'In this part of the article Shadowfan68 went into war on Febuary the last day in 2011 at Peru harbor at 3:00 PM FEAR Trooper and vortex Recruit of course had went through 2000000034 battles in 1 year! The war was finished at 3: 45. First Apeerance: 3:00 PM. Latest apeerance: 2:00 Only on saturdays! Sometimes He is a good soilder.'