The Adventures of ROBLOXFave is a series made by Alpha Ranger. I copy these from the channel ROBLOXFave. I will be making episodes about his machinimas and making the transcripts for them. Once I have done all the ones that have came out I will start making my own. (I will do new ones too) So it's a mix of his videos. ANd what I make! :) (Exteme credit to ROBLOXFave go to his channel and subscribe HES AMAZING <3)

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 24 October 1, 2015 TBA
2 32 TBA TBA

Season 1 (2015)Edit

No. in
No. in
Title Written by Original air date
1 1 "Working for ROBLOX" Fave October 1, 2015
2 2 "KFC Adventures" Fave October 1, 2015
3 3 "Guest Apocalypse" Fave October 7, 2015
4 4 "Golden KFC" Fave
5 5 "Fave Meets His Clone" Fave
6 6 "UUHHH" Fave
7 7 "Don't Hurt Me Fave" Fave
8 8 "Return of the Golden KFC" Fave
9 9 "Rubber Duck" Fave
10 10 "Ninja Noob" Fave
11 11 "Hump Day" Fave
12 12 "A Hysterical Halloween" Fave
13 13 "Dr. Fave" Fave
14 14 "Murder" Fave
15 15 "Twisted Thanksgiving" Fave
16 16 "eBlox" Fave
17 17 "Triangle" Fave
18 18 "Bugatti Breakdown" Fave
19 19 "Fave's Video Hole" Fave
20 20 "Explosive Bullets" Fave
21 21 "The Story of Doge" Fave
22 22 "One Man Army" Fave
23 23 "Kid Fave" Fave
24 24 "Radio ROBLOX" Fave

Season 2Edit

No. in
No. in
Title Written by Original air date
25 1 "Valentine's Day" Fave
26 2 "March Mayhem" Fave
27 3 "The Heist" Fave
28 4 "Emergency" Fave
29 5 "Hyper Hotel" Fave
30 6 "Pimp Evolution" Fave
31 7 "Dodgeball" Fave
32 8 "Octuple" Fave
33 9 "Murder II" Fave
34 10 "Fave Goes To Space" Fave
35 11 "Noobs On Strike" Fave
36 12 "Beard" Fave
37 13 "Anti Fave" Fave
38 14 "Tie Trouble" Fave
39 15 Protection Fave
40 16 "Super Bacon" Fave
41 17 "Western Panning" Fave
42 18 "Drag Racing" Fave
43 19 "Lemonade Stand" Fave
44 20 "Pimp My Block" Fave
45 21 "Time Machine" Fave
46 22 "Tee Vee" Fave
47 23 "Guest Apocalypse 2" Fave
48 24 "Graveyard Shift" Fave
49 25 "Roleplaying" Fave
50 26 "Kid Clone" Fave
51 27 "xGoggles" Fave
52 28 "Shots" Fave
53 29 "Favette" Fave
54 30 "Movie Theater" Fave
55 31 "TacoBLOX" Fave
56 32 "Chemistry Class" Fave

Episode One: "Working for ROBLOX"Edit

Shedletsky: Okay, Staff. Making ROBLOX 18+ was not a very good idea. What should we do now?

Intern One: Let's make Fave do a video called KFC Adventures!

Shedletsky: Where did you come from? I thought you were stuck in 10 ways to be a noob part 8. Which is conveniantly linked on the screen right now.

Intern One: Oh come on, Shedletsky. Quit promoting Fave with the shameless product placement.

Shedletsky: Yeah, whatever...Anyone else?

Intern Two: How about we hire some more employees so we do less work, and get more money!

Shedletsky: That's a great idea, you're promoted!

Intern Two: How much bigger can my ego get?


Shedletsky: Welcome to ROBLOX! Where you have to make the community as angry as possible, and force them to buy Builders Club. If you can impliment Builders Club in any way, THEN DO IT!

Intern Three: Builders Club places??

Shedletsky: We already did that!

Intern Four: How about making it easier to copy games.

Shedletsky: That's cute and all, but anything better?

Intern Five: (baby noises *very hard to understand*)

Shedletsky: Are buisness model is to maxamize profits, not to give away stuff.

Intern Three: Higher price floor?

Shedletsky: That's a splendid idea! More people will purchase Robux and BC, and the players will get angry, you saw how much Fave raged over the original price floor.

Shedletsky: You know what, how about we make it to where you have to pay 20 dollars a day to sell clothing, and to wear clothing it costs 5 dollars a day.

Mr. Doom Bringer: How about we make good updates that actually make the players happy?

Shedletsky: MR. DOOM BRINGER YOUR FIRED -uses ban hammer-

A Few Moments Later

Shedletsky: Okay, Bob you have 10 second to make a hat! GO!

Bob: But..

Shedletsky: NO EXCUSES!












Shedletsky: So, what do you got?

Bob: I took the texture from lord of the void and took a crap on top of it, I don't think the players will like it.

Shedletsky: That's great! Let's make it 45,000 Robux, and timed and see how many idiots buy it!

Meanwhile at Customer Support

Customer Support Guy: Finally, a call! What do you want sir?

-hangs up-

Customer Support Guy: YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!


Customer Support Guy: Customer Support, what do you want?

Young Kid: Give me ROBUX NOW! Or I will hack Shedletsky!!

Customer Support Guy: If you would like ROBUX, steal your parents credit card and buy it.


Shedletsky: Hey Bob, how many idiots bought Lord of the Void?

Bob: 2-2-2-2-2---

Shedletsky: Say it, boy!

Bob: 2--2-254.

-office blows up-

(The End)

Episode Two: "KFC Adventures"Edit

Fave: How many videos are going to start with me needing ideas?

Mike: Maybe the moment your writers block ends.

Random Crazy Girl: Look, I've been trying to tell y'all the whole time just do KFC Adventures!

Mike: You know you've been trying of think of ideas the whole time when this is staring at you in the face.

Fave: Wow, maybe this Random Crazy Person is right I should do KFC Adventures! Mike, want to join me?

Mike: Well, why not?

Fave as Himself

routess as Mike

SWAGER21 as Elephant

LightningGirl107 as Random Crazy Girl

Fave: Well, how do we start this video?

Mike: Let's go to KFC!

-batman music plays with KFC symbol spinning-

Fave: That was some good KFC.

Mike: Now what?

Fave: Let's go again!

-batman music plays with KFC symbol spinning-

Fave: I love KFC!

Mike: Now what?

Fave: Let's do it again!

2000 Years Later

Mike: -deep breathing- Look man, we've been doing this all day..we need to do something else.

Fave: If you wanted to do something else, you could've just suggested something.


Fave: Wait, maybe you're right. This video does have "KFC Adventures" after all. Where is the adventuring?

-kfc blows up-

-deep voices- Fave & Mike: NOOOOOO.

Mike: WE need to find another KFC!

Fave: Let me see my GPS. Hmm, that's a nice ass- OOPS that's the wrong app. Nearest KFC is...

-elephant drops-

Elephant: 84337 miles away!!

Mike: Well screw that crap then, let's end the video HERE!

Fave: No,no...that will dissapoint the viewers. We need a humorus way to extend this video!

Mike: How about let's not break the fourth wall?

-wall breaks-

Fave: God damnit.

Elephant: Guys, I'm still here. Jump on my back, I will show you the world.

Fave: But we want to go to KFC!

Elephant: Doesn't matter I will show you the world first.

Mike: KFC is better than the world bro, get on my level.

Fave: #gomlsaurusrex

Elephant: Let's make a deal.

Fave: Wait, don't mention that horrid forum!

Elephant: No, no I meant the literal phrase, not that forum.

Fave: Oh.

Elephant: Well let's make a deal, I will show you the world than bring you to KFC!

Mike: I want to be so deep into buckets of KFC, I want to drown.

Fave: Or be deep into pussy!

Mike: -makes kissy noises-

Elephant: I was just kidding about showing you the world, let me just bring you to KFC!

Fave: Yay!

-cheetah attacks elephant-

-elephant blows up-

-deep voices- Mike & Fave: NOOOO!

Fave: What are we going to do with are lives now?

Mike: WE should dig a hole to china, do they have KFC in China?

Fave: You should know, you went to China just for the prostitutes.

Mike: Wait, wait..before we go there is a lot of flaming for racist jokes...we should just get to the point and go to KFC!

Fave: But you got to realize--

Angry Fan: -behind screen- Get to the point, already!

Mike: I heard something! I heard a angry fan! Let's keep arguing..wait no, no...he said to get to the point.

Fave: Well, abracadabraalakazaamIwantKateUptontosuckmy--

-they get teleported to a rainbow room-

Robot: Enter the password.

Fave: What?


Robot: Prom-ise?

Mike: I pinky promise.

Robot: Access granted.

-gets teleported to KFC-

Fave: I can't believe it, we're finally here! KFC at last!

Mike: Wait a minute, there's a sign on the door.


Fave: Oh, those cheap advertisements.

Mike: How come it's not advertising me?

Fave: You're not important.

Mike: aww :(. Wait! Look across the street!

Fave: A strip club?

Mike: No to the left!

-music plays-

-There is a Golden KFC in the distance-

(GOLDEN be continued)


Episode Three: "Guest Apocalypse"Edit

News Reporter: BREAKING NEWS,  This just in! Recent reports claim that a outbreaking guestitis is leading to guests showing up everywhere! Eyewitnesses claim---what was that? Is there guests coming up the stairs?!

Fave: I think this is a load of shit.

-Guest drops behind Fave-

Fave: WHAT DA FUCK?! -shoots Guest-

Guest's Screen: -says WASTED from GTA V-

Fave: EEK, that was a close one. - walks outside-

Guest One: Give me robux now!

Guest Two: let me get your password!

Fave: Wow, I guess this is real. I don't think a shotgun is going to do well here.

Bob: Look behind you.

Fave: -turns around- WHO ARE YOU?

Bob: I'm Bob!

Fave: Aren't you the jackass who made the horrible Lord of the Magma hat?

Bob: Only because Shedletsky made me, Don't worry I left ROBLOX.

Fave: You ruined human society for the rest of time for making that putrid hat!

Bob: I know--I know, and I feel really bad. you want to help me or not?!

Fave: Yeah, all I got is this shotgun. Do you have anything better?

Bob: Well since I made the horrible Lord of The Magma hat, I created a way to use it for good! I call it the LOTM LAUNCER!

Fave: Holy crap, that is the most powerful gun I've ever seen!

Bob: It penetrates through all the enemies!

Fave: Heh-heh "penetrates".


Fave: Okay, fine.

Bob: Now listen, with great power comes great responsibility! Do you think you can handle this gun?

Fave: I sure hope I can.

Bob: Then go open that chest next to me.

Fave: -opens chest while Legend of Zelda music is playing-

(The launcher had a label on it which said "You Found The LoTM Launcher! Please don't kill humanity with this.")

-street fighter music started playing-



(Fave is seen killing guests, including one dancing in a house.)

Stage II: The Roof

Bob: Get up on the roof, you can't survive down there!


Master: Excellent, Outstanding!


Fave: -talking to a dying guest- Any last words?

Guest: Release -cough- Golden KFC!


(The End)

Episode Four: "Golden KFC"Edit